What is a COVID-19 friendly General Contractor?

Most people’s issues with General Contractors (GCs) usually stem from the same three problems.

1. They don't show up.

2. They don't do what they said they were going to do.

3. They don't keep the work site clean.

While those are definitely concerns that need to be addressed by any competent GC like Blue Horse Construction, recently, another factor has been put into play. The COVID-19 outbreak. This outbreak has changed the landscape of how we live our day to day lives, as well as, our work and business environment. People are shying away from any form of recreation/work that requires them to be in close proximity to other people. When it comes to the construction industry this can be an issue as:

1. The construction industry does sometimes require other persons to be in your general vicinity.

2.  When market crashes like this happen it is the perfect opportunity to remodel, add on to your home or do a ground up build as labor is cheaper and the market is currently in a down swing that will go back up even higher than before! However, many people are opting out of doing this work due to the fear factor involved.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and thus the COVID-19 friendly GC has been born. You are probably asking, “what the heck is that?”

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A COVID-19 friendly GC like Blue Horse Construction is one that has put together a variety of systems to continue to provide their clients with the same excellent quality service/product while actively stopping the spread of this disease. Simultaneously you, the consumer, get the opportunity to take advantage of cheaper labor rates and the down-swing in the market. Some of the systems a GC like this may implement include:

1. Coordinating with clients to be out of one another's way to make sure that no one is in close proximity to one another while laborers do their work.

2. Alongside daily site cleaning, they wipe down all surfaces & door knobs with disinfectant daily to prevent the spread of disease. 

3. They constantly communicate via phone, face-time,text or email to maintain a strong line of communication without having to meet face to face.

These are some of the measures that a competent contractor/construction company like Blue Horse Construction has taken to do their part in curbing the spread of this outbreak while still providing homeowners with the option to do the projects that they have been dreaming of doing during these difficult times.

Want to know what your dream home remodel/new construction project might cost without having to call and meet multiple contractors? CLICK HERE

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