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Design & Develop  Your Perfect

Custom Home | Home Addition | Major Remodel

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The Problem

Pay an architect thousands of dollars to design your dream project only to realize that there are many more parts to developing your project that you weren't aware of, and your plan is not feasible or within your budget. Then repeat...

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The Solution

Hire a professional Design/Development service to plan the whole project from start-to-finish so you can get what you want and stay at the budget you need to be at...


Our design & development process**

  1. Site survey

  2. Soils testing

  3. Asbestos testing

  4. Architectural drawings

  5. Engineer drawings

  6. DESC plans

  7. Energy calculations

  8. Design consulting 

  9. Accurate project estimate

**Every project varies and will get estimated with the actual services needed to complete the plan to the standard needed to apply for a building permit.

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