To provide custom homes and classic renovations on the foundation of Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency in an effort to leave our stakeholders satisfied and inspired by our quality.


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Owner, General Contractor

Zach Wappelhorst

With over twelve years of experience in the construction industry and a ruthless desire to succeed, Zach paves the road to greatness. His commitment to honest communication and integrity on every project is both inspiring and highly appreciated by our clients.

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Partner, Director of Business Development

Nathan Pacht

Nathan has a strong background in business development. Having started five previous businesses, he brings crucial experience to the table. His skill set includes: marketing, finance, recruiting, and creating general business management/development strategies.

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Partner, Director of Construction Development

& Management

Jason Borenstein

 Jason Borenstein is a driven young Project Manager with a B.S.  from the University of Colorado. He also has extensive knowledge in the construction/real estate industry as well as a passion for the outdoors.


Project Manager

James Staples

James is an Arizona native turned Coloradoan. His level of detail management is unparalleled making him a perfect match for the level of quality that we demand every single day. On his off time James is an avid recreational ice hockey player.

Our Sub-Contractors

Our Sub-Contractors are a crucial part of our team. Every one of them is fully insured and has a long standing relationship with BHC built on work etiquette and trust. We want to make sure that you know you are getting the best quality and experience every single time.

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Core Values

At Blue Horse Construction, we cultivate a culture that integrates our Core Values into our daily work, so client and stakeholder satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Core Values are:

Integrity & Accountability

Personal/professional integrity and accountability is essential to our company culture. As a construction business, we need to know our contractors won't cut corners, so we only hire crewmembers that adhere to the concept of integrity to the fullest and we drill integrity into our staff from day one.


Additionally, we request that clients stay in good communication and uphold a base level of integrity and accountability, so we can make sure that your overall experience is nothing short of exceptional!


We are firm believers that a commitment to integrity and accountability stretches far beyond the physical job we do. We want our clients to know that, as a business, all of Blue Horse Construction—from C-suite to crewmembers—stand behind our word.


With Blue Horse Construction, what you see is what you get. There are no surprises. We are committed to transparency because we believe it’s directly correlated to quality of service. We want our clients to be satisfied, so they’ll share our work ethic with others. We do everything in our power to give you all of the important info upfront. Sure, sometimes communication can slip through the cracks, but part of transparency at Blue Horse is adjusting to miscommunication and dealing with questions and concerns upfront and honestly.