Our Sub-Contractors

Our Sub-Contractors are a crucial part of our team. Every one of them is fully insured and has a long standing relationship with BHC built on work etiquette and trust. We want to make sure that you know you are getting the best quality and experience every single time.

Zach profile pic.jpg

Zach Wappelhorst

Owner, General Contractor

With over ten years experience in the construction industry and a ruthless desire to succeed, Zach paves the road to greatness. His commitment to honest communication and integrity on every project is both inspiring and highly appreciated by our clients.

nathan profile pic.jpg

Nathan Pacht

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Nathan has a strong background in business development. Having started five previous businesses, he brings crucial experience to the table. His skill set includes: marketing, finance, recruiting and creating general business management/development strategies.

jason profile pic.jpg

Jason Borenstein

Co-founder, Head Project Manager

 Jason Borenstein is a driven young Project Manager with a B.S.  from the University of Colorado. He also has extensive knowledge in the construction/real estate industry as well as a passion for the outdoors.

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