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build an energy efficient home: some methods worth considering

In recent years energy efficiency has become a hot topic among those looking to build or buy a residential home. This is for good reason. Besides the sky-rocketing costs of oil & gas, there is a limited supply of such natural resources. It has been made clear over the past decade that clean renewable energy is indeed the future. This article goes into detail about just a few of the methods available to either convert or build a new custom home into an energy efficient



Obviously using the power of the sun is one of the most popular methods to make your house more energy efficient. There are many different programs that tout energy cost savings and positive environmental impact. Many times you will have to pay off your solar system over time before you actualize those cost savings, but it could be worth it as energy costs still continue to rapidly rise. There are even many states and cities that are offering financial incentives to switch to a solar system on your home. It is definitely something worth looking into.

Geothermal energy systems

geothermal heating and cooling is considered the world's greenest and most energy-efficient. Geothermal systems can save you up to 70% on your heating, cooling, and hot water costs. Look here to learn more about how it works:


A lot of heating and cooling is lost through poor insulation methods and materials. Using newer methods like spray foam insulation not only keeps the climate in your house more comfortable, but it also saves a pretty penny for you on energy bills. When building a new custom home or renovating it is highly recommended to look into newer more energy efficient insulation products.


Tired of those energy bills continuing to rise? The culprit may be your older appliances. With new tech coming out all of the time, buying and installing new kitchen appliances, boilers, furnaces, water heaters, etc… may save you thousands over a lifetime.


By raising heating and cooling retention as well as adding value to your home, putting new windows into your home can be a great way to reduce energy bills and turn your home into an energy efficient power house. With new technology, windows are now more energy efficient than ever!

Passive solar design

While this one only pertains to those considering a new custom build from scratch, it may be a great idea to consider a passive solar design. Essentially, passive solar works by utilizing energy efficient materials as well as the surrounding environment to create a home that uses little if any fossil fuel and less energy efficient methods. To learn more about passive solar design look here:

These are just a few of the ways to build or renovate a home to make it more energy efficient.

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