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4 Things To Know Before Building Your Dream Home

Many people often think about the possibility of building their dream home. They think about what the kitchen would look like, the beautiful tile they would put into their bathrooms, and the curb appeal it would have from the street. Yet, there are many essential steps to building your dream home that most homeowners would never even think about. There are important ingredients in the pre-construction phases that make a big difference on the success of building your dream house. Here are the four most important things to think about.

Budget -

The budget is obviously the most important thing to think about. The budget is what dictates the location of the lot you can afford, and ultimately has the biggest say in how you design the house. If you are not aware of what your budget is, you can’t move forward with any aspect of building your dream home. So how do you know what your budget should be? There are a couple different factors. The two biggest factors are:

Modern houses with cool abstract features will always cost more than traditional style

homes. To get a better idea of how pricing may work to build your dream home, click here.

Location -

Location is also hugely important because every lot is different in its own right. Until you know what land you are dealing with, it is very difficult to come up with a design you know for sure will work. For example, if your dream home has a walk-out basement, you will need to find a lot that is sloped downward from front to back. Where as lots sloped downward from back to front are going to cause there to be more steps to get into your house from your garage, or a steeper driveway. Different cities also have different zoning codes, which means every lot is different in its allowance of how much building coverage you can get away with. Some cities want you to stay farther away from property lines than others, which can greatly affect the layout of your dream home. Also, soils are very different from lot to lot. Some lots are in areas known for being filled with rocks and boulders, and that greatly affects the cost of excavation.

Design -

Now that you know your budget and have found an ideal lot to build your dream home, the next phase is the design. It is essential to work with an experienced architect in order to help achieve the best design that works for you and your family. This brings us to the most important aspect of all.

Your Team -

The team you surround yourself with to guide you through the entire process start to finish is the most important step to achieve building your dream home quickly, efficiently and within budget. While most people understand the importance of having a good architect, they don’t even think about involving their contractor in the earliest possible stage. The contractor helps bridge the gap between you and the architect. They will help determine what is truly realistic to build within your budget. The contractor also helps bring the entire team together, as there are many more key figures in building your dream home than just an architect, like an engineer.

Too often people neglect to hire the right team in the early stages and end up over developing for their budget. Nobody wants to spend money on buying a lot, developing plans and design for a home only to realize after its done that they can not afford the build in the first place. That is where finding the right contractor saves you time and money in the long run. To find out what we mean by the right contractor, check out Blue Horse Construction and give us a call.

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