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Building Your Custom Home: Are You Ready?

Many people often dream about building their own custom home to fit their desired lifestyle. From a dream kitchen, to an ideal outdoor living space, the location, and even your cozy new den, it is common to want to customize these things to fit your wants. What separates the dreamers from the doers? How do you know if you’re actually ready to start the process of building your dream home?

  1. Funding

The first step to building your dream home is knowing your budget. Whether you need financing, or you have the cash in hand, it is very important to know the total dollar figure you are working with.

The next part of this step is breaking down your funding into two separate budgets:

1. Cost of land

After you have an grasp of the financial side of things, you will start your search for the perfect lot.

  1. Buying your lot.

Obviously, buying your lot is an essential part of building your dream home. Your lot dictates many essential aspects of your build. It can influence the design that you decide on based on lot size and can even affect the structural components of how you build the house, which can swing the cost of the build. Before closing on the lot, it is essential that your contract is contingent upon a survey and soils report. The survey will tell you the true property lines, and the easements set by the city/county that set the parameters of where on the lot you can build, and how big. The soils report will tell you what type of foundation will be required, and how difficult excavation may be. In a worst-case scenario, the presence of expansive soils and/or hard rock, can increase the cost of building dramatically.

  1. The Right Team

The most important step in the process is choosing the right team. Choosing a contractor that can build the house is an obvious necessity but choosing a contractor who can coach you through the process of developing your dream home is the most crucial decision you will make. Choosing a contractor who not only builds the house, but will facilitate its design and development, will save you money in the long run and add peace of mind to an already stressful process. At Blue Horse construction, we specialize in facilitating the design with the architect, structural specifications with the engineer, and all the other pre-construction requirements in a way that works as an efficient cohesive unit. Most importantly, without sacrificing peace of mind and efficiency, we make sure it is designed and developed to fit your lifestyle, and your dreams.

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