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Your Dream Construction Project Without The Stress... Find out how

Selecting a contractor for your home remodel, addition, pop top, or to build your dream home is much more than just selecting the contractor that has the best portfolio pictures or who touts a slight edge in experience. While both of those factors are important, there are a couple of key factors that separate good contractors from GREAT CONTRACTORS. Two of those factors we will explore in this article are coaching, and peace of mind.

1. Coaching

Hiring the right contractor is not just about getting the cheapest bid. In fact, often times, the contractor that boasts the "cheapest bid" is also waiving a massive RED FLAG in your face. It is about hiring the right coach to properly detail every step of the process. A home improvement project or building your dream home is not like buying a sandwich, it is a much more complex, thought provoking process with thousands of tiny variables that can be easily overlooked! Additionally, there are often many variables that are entirely unique to your project. Hiring a contractor that has developed systems and methods of efficiently/effectively getting the job done the right way is crucial! Imagine a builder who can "complete a project", but doesn't communicate throughout the process, bills you as he sees fit, and shows up to work when he pleases. That is like getting into a taxi cab with no headlights in the middle of the night. Could you make it to your destination? maybe, maybe not, but it definitely wouldn't be a safe or pleasant ride. Yes, it is important to look for a contractor who can provide an excellent finished product, but its more important to put emphasis on communication and step by step guidance for the client as well. Basically, look for a contractor that provides an experience on par with their product. Choosing the right contractor with developed skills in coaching clients through a project will provide you with another key factor. Peace of mind.

2. Peace of mind

Peace of mind is essential when you decide to pull the trigger on your dream home build or home improvement project. Peace of mind makes you feel that you have partnered with the right company and that you are in good hands. You know they can get the project done quickly with the utmost quality and that they only need to do things once. As we have stated, often the cheapest contractors are cheap for a reason. They do not care about the level of communication or guidance they provide, and often rely on the client to pay for their mistakes when they inevitably must do things twice. The best contractor for your project is one that values your time, your satisfaction with the quality, and most of all puts emphasis on walking the owner through every step to create that much needed peace of mind throughout.

The best way to find a contractor that is capable great service and coaching is to look for two things:

1. Do they have developed processes and systems that ensure things run smoothly?

2. Do they have any references from past clients that confirm they offer the level of

coaching and peace of mind you deserve?

If they do, ask to see some of their work in person, and pay attention to the communication and respect they show you during the sales process. Anybody that cannot communicate or get back to you when they say they will is probably not capable of coaching you through the adventure of your dream project. Proper guidance and peace of mind from your contractor all starts with detailed, timely communication, and if your contractor cannot consistently provide that, they may not be right for you!

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